We all have special moments in life engraved in our minds.

Do you remember that day when you were still a kid playing tag with your little friends and mealtime was approaching? You could almost smell the food inside your mind and when you got home hungry, your mom or dad had already set the table. You were sitting impatient and a delicious smell filled the whole house. You can still remember your parents calling you: “Children, get down here, it’s lunchtime!”, And you burst out laughing with your brother because both of you had already been dipping several breadcrumbs in the oil for a while.


Finally, a mouth-watering meal was served right in front of you. It was fresh from the oven and delivered directly from the kitchen. You can still recall the smell of your mom’s macaroni bolognese or your dad’s bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen.

Home Chef is born from that family spirit. Since 2002 we still maintain that essence, which we share with everyone. We are convinced that, when it comes to eating, if we manage to evoke that love and familiar way of doing it, we will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Thanks to our great selection of the best local products and a varied cuisine we can offer a wide range of menus.


From a simple breakfast for 2 people, a coffee-break for business or company meetings, or even special occasions such as birthdays or weddings, to full special menus for groups, business menus and events for more than 600 people.


Whatever the occasion is, for us the important thing is always that everything, absolutely everything, goes

“from our kitchen to where you wish``.

At Home Chef we have a fleet of vans – we promote electric mobility- that allow us to reach customers both in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia.

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