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Price per person, VAT not included.Starter, main dish, dessert and bread service.
The service is offered with single-use tableware or rented tableware if the customer requests it. (Request prices for waiters, tableware, furniture, glassware…).
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Varied salads (green, caprese, Caesar, Greek, green with tuna, quinoa…), Creams (zucchini and fresh cheese, shrimps, strawberries cold soup…), Provençal sautéed pasta, Mediterranean chickpea warm couscous, Four cheese tortellini with tomato and pesto sauce, Raviolis of roast vegetables with mushrooms sauce, Duo of quiches (lorraine, vegetarian), Pasta (price per grams)

Main dish

Black seafood rice, Seafood and meat paella, Fideuá with allioli sauce, Vegetable hamburger, Beef hamburger with confit onion and cheese, Stuffed chicken leg with roast potatoes, Pork fillet with parmentier potatoes, Grilled salmon with Mediterranean couscous and nuts oil, Grilled hake with stewed vegetables and red pepper oil, Stewed cod with ratatouille of vegetables


Piece of season fruit, Salad fruit, Chocolate mousse with red berries jam, Fresh cheese, yoghourt, brownie and mango jelly, Lemon cake with raspberries jam, Brownie, Carrot cake, Chocolate cake, Crumble apple pie

Water (1,80€)

Sí, No

Non-alcoholic beverage (1,80€)

Sí, No

Coffee (1,80€)

Sí, No