Enjoy our Coffee break anywhere!

You might be one of those who have a full breakfast and take their time to do so or one of those that need three cups of coffee. Perhaps you have breakfast at the office or you like to have it with your family or with your partner. Maybe you are someone that needs to make a talk or a meeting more pleasant and warm or, even, you might be one of those who sip a hot and tasty coffee while running to catch the metro that you are going to miss or the taxi that will not stop. No matter which of these you are, it is undeniable that the smell of breakfast raises in you this feeling of warmth, peace and relax that always gives you a good mood, especially in the morning.

At Home Chef, from early in the morning, we propose you different options which include, all of them, a Nespresso machine to enjoy the flavour of freshly brewed coffee.

Additionally, if you like special details, we can customize cookies with your company’s logo, the name of someone, a short sentence…

Contact us on the telephone number 902 33 24 33 and we will inform you.

Delivery to the centre of Barcelona: €7.50.
Ask for other destinations.


902 33 24 33